Thursday, November 23, 2017 – Holiday Nerdtacular! – Tranzac-292 Brunswick Avenue

Nerd Nite Toronto –

Holiday Nerdtacular!
Thursday November 23, 2017
Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto
7:30 pm, doors open at 7:00pm
$10 at the door

We’re celebrating the holidays this year with all of our favourite holiday things: the Nerdtacular raffle, ugly sweater contest, talking about cold water, and learning more about hitting each other with sticks.

Join us for our for the Nerd Nite Toronto Holiday Nerdtacular!

$10 at the door gets you an evening with amazing presentations, super fun raffle, and always amazing ugly sweater contest!

Presentation 1: The cold facts of cold water

By Ted Rankine, Playsafe Productions.

Research has shown that most people who die as a result of a cold water immersion die within 6 meters of safety; a boat, the shore or a dock….and many are good swimmers! How can that possibly happen? Is it hypothermia, or something worse?  Just as interesting are those that manage to survive a long time in cold water. They can be at risk of dying at the good intentioned hands of their rescuers. In a country like Canada, where most of the water is cold (or hard) most of the time, understanding what actually happens when a body is immersed in cold water, how to deal with it and how to deal with others who are severely hypothermic, may one day save yours or another person’s life.  This Nerd Nite presentation will teach the cold facts about cold water!

About Ted Rankine:

As the original creator, producer and host of Power Boat Television and a past chair of the Canadian Safe Boating Council, Ted Rankine loves all water; cold, tepid or hot (which he has been in many, many times… first as a poorly behaved child).  His latest, (and apparently lasting) post career retirement gig is working in the safety and prevention communication business. Ted’s company, Playsafe Productions has created a number projects about surviving in the cold and cold water.


Presentation 2: Jugger: A Brief History of People Gently Hitting Each Other with Sticks

By Evan and Valkyrie Savage.

Jugger is a fast-paced team field sport akin to Capture the Flag with big foam swords. The sport comes from a post-apocalyptic film written and directed by David Webb Peoples (screenwriter for Blade Runner and 12 Monkeys, yes he collaborated on 2049!). Depicted therein as a ruthless bloodsport, it was later adapted for real-world play at two separate times: once in Germany by Berlin’s post-wall punks, once here in North America by existing LARP and boffer sports communities. We’ll explain Jugger through images and live game footage, dive into these parallel evolutions of the sport, and speculate wildly about how it rose to popularity in Germany while languishing in obscurity in North America…until now.

About Evan and Valkyrie Savage:

Evan and Valkyrie Savage founded their first jugger club in California in 2014 after a serendipitous brush with the sport abroad several years earlier. They taught hundreds to play Jugger at Bay Area festivals, birthday parties, and club practices; and competed in the first international tournament held on American soil. After a move to Toronto around a year ago, they realized they couldn’t live without jugger and co-founded another club locally in 2017. By day, Evan and Valkyrie develop low-tech educational games.

Plus: don’t forget to bring your ugly sweater and plan to participate in the Nerdtacular raffle! More details, and raffle spoilers, on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NerdNiteToronto