April 2019

Talk # 1: GPS and the New Satellite Navigation Arms Race

By Ernest Yap.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an American satellite navigation system that enables its users to obtain their location and time anywhere on the Earth. Originally devised for US military uses, GPS has become critically interwoven into people’s daily lives by means of personal navigation, car/airplane/marine tracking, and construction, to less obvious, but super-important ways such as mobile communication, banking, and data centres.

To counter US dependency and control, Russia operates its own GLONASS system, and China, Japan, the European Union, and other nations are in the process of launching their own satellite navigation systems to meet their geopolitical goals.

This talk will cover how GPS works, GPS facts and myths, how we are so dependent on it, and what countries around the world are racing to build. For the everyday user, it’s only going to get better and more accurate… barring no wars or some space-related phenomena that knocks out all our satellites.

Bio: Ernest Yap is an entrepreneur, geomatics engineer, and award-winning speaker, who has worked with positioning, navigation, and mapping technologies for almost 15 years. He runs a software design and development agency. He previously co-founded an augmented reality startup and worked in the 3D mapping and navigation industry before that. With his silly credentials out of the way, he enjoys soccer highlights, playing soccer when his ankle isn’t hurting, and recently started baking bread to varying levels of success. He loves his wife and daughter too.

Talk # 2: Beer! Get intoxicated in knowledge about our favourite liquid bread!

By Mike Ellis.

If you’ve ever gotten lost looking at a draft list, wanted to know more about its rich and drinkable history, or learn the tasty science behind it all, this will be one talk you’ll definitely want to crack open over a tall boy and enjoy with friends! Responsibly, of course!

Bio: Mike is a home and professional brewer with nearly a decade worth of experience in the art of beer making! His current favourite creations include a Cottage-style imperial IPA and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter.


Thursday April 25th at Tranzac Club. Doors at 7pm, talks start at 7:30pm.

Admission: $10 (cash only). Includes 1 door prize raffle ticket.



Image by allysonmiller1969 from Pixabay


** New admission rate Q & A:
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Q: Why an increase to $10, not $7 or $8 dollars?
A: While bumping up admission rates to $10 seems like a lot, we believe that it’s worth it. And increasing to the next bill amount makes taking money and giving change easier.

Q: What extra value will this add to Nerd Nite?
A: To make NN Toronto events even better and good value for the money, we’ll be adding new perks such as door prizes. Stay tuned for more info!

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