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September 2019: Season Premiere- Celebrating Science Literacy Week with talks on Oceans!

Talk # 1:  Microplastics, the Arctic and you!

Growing up along the shores of northern Lake Michigan, Bonnie Hamilton has always had an unwavering relationship with nature. Throughout her childhood and into her adult life, she has been fortunate enough to explore the wild places our planet has to offer. These experiences fostered a passion to understand our natural environment, the threats it faces and how we can best preserve it.

In her talk, Bonnie will discuss the movement of microplastics and associated chemicals in the Arctic as well as their effect on aquatic ecosystems. She will discuss her research on environmental contaminants in the Canadian High Arctic and their potential effect on Arctic char.


About Bonnie:

HamiltonBM_Char2019 SEPT 19Bonnie graduated from Alma College with a BSc in Environmental Health with an emphasis in environmental toxicology. She is currently a PhD student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. Her interests include the ecotoxicology, bioavailability, and transport of emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems. Her current research aims to: 1) investigate the transport and movement of emerging and legacy contaminants in Arctic ecosystems; 2) determine the ecological impact of these contaminants combined with other anthropogenic stressors; and, 3) evaluate how these ecological effects may be altered due to Climate Change. Her work takes her to remote corners of the high Arctic where she collaborates with Indigenous communities, governmental agencies and NGOs. As part of her work, she often conducts and participates ­in a variety of science communication and education programs, both above and below the Arctic circle. She hopes her scientific work will someday influence meaningful change in efforts to conserve and preserve our natural world.

When she isn’t in the field or in the lab, you can find her hiking, kayaking or all-around adventuring with her partner Joe and their pup, Tallie.

Talk # 2: The Amazing and Terrifying creatures that lurk in the Seven Seas!

By Mike Ellis.

Whether you are Galeophobic (Fear of Sharks), Nyctophobic (Fear of Darkness), or even just Aquaphobic (Fear of Water), there is one thing that everyone can agree on, THE OCEANS ARE SCARY, YO!  Wonderful, beautiful, life-giving and completely necessary for our own survival, BUT STILL!  Come as we dive in to learn all about the cool, living wonders of the deep and how they are sure to be a new source of nightmare fuel!

Thursday September 19th at Tranzac Club. Doors at 7pm, talks start at 7:30pm.

Admission: $10 (cash only). Includes 1 raffle ticket.


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