Love hurts! February 2020 Nerd Nite

We’re continuing to celebrate our 10th season with the 2020 Valentine’s Day Nerd Nite! We’ve got talks you’ll love plus trivia that’ll make you love- or hate- us!

Talk # 1: Death of Genre: Niche, the new mainstream of music

By Sappho

The music industry is always adapting to new technology, and in recent years it has changed faster than ever. Streaming services, targeted ads, and algorithmic playlists have created a system in which music recommendations from your phone can be just as personal as recommendations from your friends, altering the game for both artists and listeners. Now that artists no longer have to rely on labels to release music globally, is mainstream music losing purpose & popularity in favour of niche genres?

About Sappho:

Sappho is a Toronto-based sci-pop performer, songwriter, and producer. Her high-concept, high-energy, debut sci-fi pop album Time Machine was released 2020/01/10, and she is currently preparing to participate in Canada’s Music Incubator. She spoke on the “Future of XR” panel at Canadian Music Week 2019, her first 360 music video won “Best Local Project” at Toronto New Wave, she was recently presented with the “Cultural Ambassador Award” at the Women of Inspiration Awards, and her recent performance in TheWaveVR was dope as heck.

Find out more at, or on social media @sapphosvoice


Talk # 2: Stab Everyone You Love

By Leslie Rosenblood

Vaccinations are one of humanity’s greatest medical innovations, saving over ten million lives since 1962. Given their decades long track record of preventing illness in billions, why are so many skeptical about their safety and efficacy?

In this talk, Leslie will tell the story of how he naively fell into the online vaccination debate (it started with a Facebook post of this video). He will examine the arguments used by the anti-vaxxers, distinguish them from the vaccine-hesitant, provide some do’s and don’ts on how to engage (should you choose to do so), and what the results were of his online debate about vaccines. He will also delve into human psychology and cognitive biases, how to distinguish between objective information and propaganda trying to masquerade as such, and what you can do to educate those in your social circle (in real life or online) on this topic (and many others).

About Leslie:

Leslie is a lifetime nerd who is still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up. He has a Bachelors degree from the University of Waterloo in Mathematics (Computer Science) with a minor in Drama and Speech Communication, from which he learned he didn’t want to code for a living and that he couldn’t live on what acting paid. To postpone making any real decisions, he took an MBA in Science and Technology.

Since that time, he has worked in multiple roles across numerous industries in several countries. Along the way, he has performed in countless plays and improvisational comedy nights, run one marathon, and created four demi-clones. Leslie is the Treasurer of the Centre for Inquiry Canada and a Policy Adviser for the Canadian Secular Alliance. He started his blog, Opinions and Questions, in the hopes that his review of a particularly dishonest book about vaccines would reach a wider audience.

Twitter: @lrosenblood


When, where, how:

Thursday, January 20th at Tranzac Club. Doors at 7pm, talks start at 7:30pm.

Admission: $10 cash at the door OR- NEW!- buy your tickets in advance online.

Ticket includes 1 door-prize raffle ticket.

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