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March 2019 Nerd Nite: Non-spider and gliders! And Pie!!!

Talk # 1: Eight-legged freaks: arachnids are more than just spiders.

By Gil Wizen.

With over 100,000 known species worldwide, arachnids are the second largest group of arthropods (after insects). Within arachnida, spiders are biggest and most recognizable order, with many species occupying diverse habitats and leading different lifestyles. But arachnids are more than just spiders. Gil will introduce you to the world of minor arachnid orders, each with its own unique appearance and impressive adaptations. They are so bizarre, that they often serve as inspiration for creepy creatures in science fiction and fantasy stories. What do we know about them? Should we really be worried? And why should we care?

About Gil:

Gil Wizen is an entomologist who enjoys the outdoors, macrophotography, observing wildlife and breeding arthropods. His expertise includes arthropod taxonomy, behavior and rearing, as well as medical and forensic entomology. When he is not out in the rainforest doing fieldwork, Gil blogs about arthropods and other small animals on his personal website, and occasionally he milks arachnids and insects for their venom!

Talk # 2: Soaring with Eagles

By David Donaldson

If you have ever looked up and seen an eagle or hawk in flight circling, you might have noticed they were not flapping their wings yet they were climbing.  This mode of soaring flight has been mimicked by humans for over 130 years and refined to the point at which modern gliders (AKA sailplanes) are capable of soaring great distances, over 3,500 kms, at great speeds, over 250km/h, and great heights, over 65,000 feet.  But how can a craft with no engine achieve such performance?  Join us for a behind the-scenes look into the fascinating world of airplanes without engines.

About David:

David is a professional facilitator and amateur nerd.  When not earning a living training folks how to better lead change in the  corporate world, he can be found teaching fledgling pilots to get their wings.  With a passion for aviation he is currently working on his second amateur build motor-glider project.  David has been a pilot for 35 years, a facilitator for 27 years, and a flight instructor for 18 years. Proudly a nerd all his life.


Thursday March 21st at Tranzac Club. Doors at 7pm, talks start at 7:30pm.

Admission: $10 (cash only). Includes 1 door prize raffle ticket.

Plus, to honour Pi Day we’ll be selling slices of delicious pie for only $2! Bring your toonies!



** New admission rate Q & A:
Q: why is the price been increased?
A: The costs associated with running Nerd Nite have increased, from services to supplies.

Q: What does the money go towards?
A: Admission and raffle ticket money go towards running Nerd Nite, including trivia prizes, pens, paper, candles etc… Organizers don’t make a profit running Nerd Nite.

Q: Why an increase to $10, not $7 or $8 dollars?
A: While bumping up admission rates to $10 seems like a lot, we believe that it’s worth it. And increasing to the next bill amount makes taking money and giving change easier.

Q: What extra value will this add to Nerd Nite?
A: To make NN Toronto events even better and good value for the money, we’ll be adding new perks such as door prizes. Stay tuned for more info!

Sam & Erez believe that this season of Nerd Nite Toronto will be even better than the last and thank you for your continued support! if you have any questions, email us at

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