January 2019 Nerd Nite: Gettin’ artsy with it!

Join us for the first Nerd Nite of 2019! Just $10 at the door gets you two nerdy and artsy talks, a chance to win a cool door prize, and trivia!

Talk # 1: Inherent vice: fish oil, fatty acids and the science of art conservation

By Maria Sullivan, Head of Conservation; Meaghan Monaghan, Assistant Conservator, Paintings; Sjoukje van der Laan, Assistant Conservator, Contemporary Art, AGO.

Art Conservators from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) will take you behind the scenes with some examples from the modern & contemporary art collection. On a microscopic level, artworks are constantly changing, a behaviour that is inherent to ageing and presents a challenge for all conservators. We will focus on efflorescence in modern oil paints, a phenomenon that is noticeable as a white haze on a paint film and is very similar to the formation of white material on old chocolate. What are these efflorescence materials, and why do they appear on some of our artworks? What is the opinion of the artist when this occurs? And, most important, can efflorescence on an artwork be treated?

Talk # 2: Consider the Icicle

By Stephen Morris

Icicles are harmless and picturesque winter phenomena, familiar to anyone who lives in Toronto.  The shape of an icicle emerges from a subtle feedback between ice formation, which is controlled by the release of latent heat, and the flow of water over the evolving shape. Many icicles exhibit a ripply shape, which is the result of a mysterious morphological instability.  The wavelength of the ripples is remarkably independent of the growing conditions.  We built a laboratory icicle growing machine and discovered the surprising origin of the ripples.  The results of this study are available online in a giant open access database called the Icicle Atlas.

About Stephen:

Stephen Morris is a Professor of physics at the University of Toronto. His research involves experiments on emergent patterns in fluids, granular media, ice formations and fracture. He sometimes passes off his scientific images as art.


Icicle Atlas homepage:


Admission: $10 at the door.** Doors open at 7pm. Nite begins at 7:30pm.


** New admission rate Q & A:
Q: why is the price been increased?
A: The costs associated with running Nerd Nite have increased, from services to supplies.

Q: What does the money go towards?
A: Admission and raffle ticket money go towards running Nerd Nite, including trivia prizes, pens, paper, candles etc… Organizers don’t make a profit running Nerd Nite.

Q: Why an increase to $10, not $7 or $8 dollars?
A: While bumping up admission rates to $10 seems like a lot, we believe that it’s worth it. And increasing to the next bill amount makes taking money and giving change easier.

Q: What extra value will this add to Nerd Nite?
A: To make NN Toronto events even better and good value for the money, we’ll be adding new perks such as door prizes. Stay tuned for more info!

Sam & Erez believe that this season of Nerd Nite Toronto will be even better than the last and thank you for your continued support! if you have any questions, email us at

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