November 2019: Holiday Nerdtacular!

Join us for two awesomely talks, trivia, ugly holiday sweater contest, and more!

Talk # 1: The Literary Cyborg

By Ben Berman Ghan

The cyborg – as most often conceived of in popular culture – is the literal fusion of human and machine.  From Frankenstein’s monster to Star Trek’s Borg to Star War’s Darth Vader, the cyborg is often a figure whose hybrid existence deems them less than human, less deserving of humanity and existing “outside human jurisdiction.”

But does the literary cyborg, the hybrid figure, have to be a symbol? Ben Berman Ghan will trace the legacy of literary hybrids such as cyborgs not as monsters, but as a figure of liberation. from Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing to Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, and into modern literature, The Cyborg can be a figure that allows queerness and difference to flourish where the “pure” human world has left it oppressed.

author photo ben berman ghan



About Ben: Ben Berman Ghan is an MA student at Ryerson University’s literature of modernity program and the author of What We see in the Smoke (2019), the apocalyptic hybrid of the short story collection and the novel where he began his exploration of cyborgs in our culture, how they might doom us, and how they might free us.





Talk # 2: “Why Does My Tongue Need Splinters?” – A Musical Journey

What musical demon thought sucking on a piece of wood was a great idea? Which melodious genius figured that spitting into twisted metal tubes full of holes would sound beautiful? What kind of sadistic artist thought smacking the stretched out skin of a goat was groovy? Join Nerd Nite TO boss, Erez Bowers as he attempts to answer these questions and more, by diving into the history of musical instruments.

About Erez: Erez is a foremost authority on home movies, having written, produced and starred in dozens (including the ones you see at Nerd Nite!). He is a classically (well, classical Mississauga, Ontario) trained actor, music teacher, and rum snob. In his high school yearbook, he was voted most likely to cause an injury in a Halloween costume-related accident.

FYI: Sam wrote this 😉



Thursday, November 28th at Tranzac Club. Doors at 7pm, talks start at 7:30pm.


PLUS! Wear your best (worst?) ugly holiday sweater and enter the Nerd Nite TO Contest for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Admission: $10 (cash only). Includes 1 raffle ticket.


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