Holiday Nerdtacular! WEDNESDAY November 28, 2018 – Tranzac-292 Brunswick Avenue 

Doors at 7pm. Talks start at 7:30pm

Join us for our 2018 Holiday Nerdtacular! Two great talks, trivia, raffle, Ugly Holiday Sweater contest and nerdy door prize!


Talk # 1: The World of Voice Work

By Cory Doran

Get an inside glimpse into the world of voice acting with award winning actor Cory Doran. From hit cartoon shows, to Anime, Audio Books and Commercial.  Cory will discuss auditioning, his process and how to create original characters.


Talk # 2: “Mars” on Earth: analog missions in extreme environments

By Paul Sokoloff 

Can extreme cosplay prepare humans for life on another planet?  What can we learn about our own world while wearing a pretend spacesuit in the middle of the American southwest?  Would be Martians have been testing their mettle (and copious amounts of gear) at analog Martian bases in many remote corners of the globe – two the the most well known are the Mars Desert Research Station in southeast Utah and the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island, in the Canadian High Arctic.  This talk will cover what life is like on a small white cylinder, the science that takes place in these remote environments, and just what would a botanist be doing on “Mars” anyways (no potatoes involved).

Bio:  Paul Sokoloff is a botanist at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Paul received his B.Sc. from Carleton University in 2008, and an M.Sc. in botany from the University of Ottawa in 2010, and has been working as a senior research assistant in the botany division at the museum ever since. Following a trip to Victoria Island in Canada’s Western Arctic in 2010, Paul seeks any opportunity he can to get back to Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, and is now a veteran of nine Arctic expeditions. Paul has also been involved in research on Mars planetary analogs, participating in a two week simulated mission to Mars in southern Utah in 2014, and was recently the co-PI for the 2017 Mars Arctic 160 twin missions to Devon Island, Nunavut.


Admission: $10 at the door.** Doors open at 7pm.


** New admission rate Q & A:
Q: why is the price been increased?
A: The costs associated with running Nerd Nite have increased, from services to supplies.

Q: What does the money go towards?
A: Admission and raffle ticket money go towards running Nerd Nite, including trivia prizes, pens, paper, candles etc… Organizers don’t make a profit running Nerd Nite.

Q: Why an increase to $10, not $7 or $8 dollars?
A: While bumping up admission rates to $10 seems like a lot, we believe that it’s worth it. And increasing to the next bill amount makes taking money and giving change easier.

Q: What extra value will this add to Nerd Nite?
A: To make NN Toronto events even better and good value for the money, we’ll be adding new perks such as door prizes. Stay tuned for more info!

Sam & Erez believe that this season of Nerd Nite Toronto will be even better than the last and thank you for your continued support! if you have any questions, email us at toronto@nerdnite.com

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